Produce finished castings from ferrous and nonferrous metals...

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Molder apprentices work in the shipyard's foundry, one of the few foundries in the United States capable of pouring a large variety of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Molder apprentices receive an overview of each foundry operation and learn necessary processes to produce a finished casting from raw materials.

Trade Related Education Courses (TREC)

A5721 Foundry Processes 40 Hours 3 Credits

A5722 Blueprint Reading for Molders 15 Hours 1 Credit

World Class Shipbuilder Curriculum (WCSC)

The WCSC supports the entire apprentice program by providing each apprentice with the technical knowledge required for the mastery of a trade, and an opportunity to obtain an associate degree in business administration, engineering technology, or engineering. The curriculum provides the educational foundation necessary for continued growth throughout a career.